Battlefords Airspray in Action

Professional Agricultural PilotTraining

Ag Pilot Training

Class of 2012

Our Training Program Includes:

40 Hours Flight Training:

Ground Classes covering all aspects of aerial application techniques including:

  • Pesticide Application Training
  • GPS Training
  • Downloading GPS Data Logs
  • Interpretation of Work Orders
  • Understanding Weather Data Relative to Spraying

Throughout the 80's and 90's Battlefords Airspray trained ag pilots as required for the spray business using a Champ or a Cessna 140 for initial training and then solo experience in an Ag Aircraft like a Piper PA25 or a Cessna Ag Truck. In 1999 we decided to initiate a formal training program and created a unique Agricultural Aviation Training Program. We operate the only training school in Canada where the total training program is conducted in Agricultural Aircraft.

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Ag Training Aircraft


Two Seat Gippsland GA200

Equipped with:
- M3
- Micronair
- Flow Computer
- Smoker
- VHF Com Radio
- Transponder
- UHF Radio
- Intercom


Instructor with Student


Single Seat Piper PA 25

Equipped with:
- Micronair Flow Computer
- Smoker
- VHF Com Radio
- UHF Radio


Looking for employment in the Ag Aviation Industry?
Why not check out the Canada Job Bank under Ag Pilot or look up the classified section on the Canadian Aerial Applicators Association Website.

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Turbine Transition

Success Stories

Air Tractor 504

Transition training will be completed in the new AT 504 featuring the only available side by side training platform